Frequently Asked Questions about the Name Registration

Updated 03/11/06

I have question about the service, who do I contact?

You may fill out a webticket here.

Is there an email address I can use to contact EvenBalance about this service?

Yes, services@evenbalance.com, but we recommend using the Web Ticket System as it is more reliable than email for many users who have spam filters, etc.

What is the cost of the registration service?

$1.00 US per month for (fixed-name full-match) individual player names, $2.00 US per month for (partial match) clan/group tags. To help keep the administrative burden low, fees are charged in advance for a 12 month period.

I wish to cancel, will I be refunded?
Yes, you will be refunded for the unused portion of the registration.

Does each member of the clan/group have to pay $2.00 US per month?

No, that is for the whole clan/group regardless of how many members you have.

What if I'm an individual player but I like to use variations on my playing name, sometimes I wear a clan tag and sometimes I don't?

If you want to show up as *REGISTERED* for variations on a playing name, then you need to sign up for a partial name match which costs $2.00 US per month.

I play several PunkBuster supported games, do I need to register for each of them?

No, the registration covers all games supported by PunkBuster.

Is the registration case sensitive?

Yes, all registrations, individual or group, are case sensitive so the a registration of "ABC" is different than "abc" and "aBc".

Can I use color codes in my registration?

Yes, the color codes will work, but only register your player name or tag. The color codes are not required in the registration.

If I register name name or tag, does this mean that no other player can use that name or tag on a PunkBuster server?

No, the purpose of this service is to provide players a method of verifying their online identity.

Can I prevent other players from using my name or tag on my own server?

Yes, if you or your clan run your own server, you can can configure your server to remove players who use your name or tag without the proper credentials using the following PunkBuster Server commands:
PB_SV_ProtectName [Unique ID] [Registered Name]
Protects the specified PunkBuster Registered Name on the local server so that players who wear the protected name without having the correct Registration Credentials will be removed from the server.
PB_SV_ProtectTag [Unique ID] [Registered Tag]
Protects the specified PunkBuster Registered Tag on the local server so that players who wear the protected tag without having the correct Registration Credentials will be removed from the server.

Where can I find more server information?

Our support page at http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=support.php has links for each game we support.

If I register my player name, will it still work if I join a clan and wear a clan tag?

If you later join a clan, you will need to modify your individual registration to include the clan tag.

How can I modify the tag?

There is no web form in place to allow a tag to be changed as we handle these requests manually. Please request changes to your tag by filling out a ticket in our Web Ticket System located here. Be sure to include the tag you are changing from, the requested tag, and the admin tag password.

Does the registration work with Battlefield 2 prefixes?

Yes, the prefix is seen as your tag by the registration servers. This means that if you register the tag {ABC} and your prefix is {ABC} with an account name of Bob, PB will see your name as {ABC}Bob

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